Nine Illnesses Treated Using CBD oil


Science proves that CBD oil can do wonders when it comes the enhancing the quality of a patients quality of life. CBD is a cannabinoid and if you are suffering from some life-threatening illnesses CBD oil will help you to get rid of them. Discussed below are some of the illnesses that can be treated by CBD oil.



CBD oil has been found to help reduce the tremors and pain that Parkinson’s patients experience. According to research CBD oil tackles Parkinson’s by reducing the effects of reduced dopamine in the brain. Apart from reducing tremors CBD oil also improves rigidity and bradykinesia. And that is not all! CBD oil has been found to slow down the progression of the illness as it boasts of antioxidant properties.



Glaucoma is a condition that damages the optic nerve over extended periods. In the long run, it can limit vision or lead to blindness. The link between glaucoma and CBD oil has been studied for decades, and glaucoma patients that use CBD oil experience lowered eye pressure. Moreover, using CBD oil has been proven to slow the progression of the condition.



There has been extensive research on the gains of CBD oil to cancer patients. If you suffer from the dreaded effects of chemotherapy, you can use CBD oil as it is the only anti-nausea medication that also raises your appetite. Besides, CBD oil can lower pain, minimize inflammation and calm anxieties of chemo patients. Scientists have also discovered that CBD oil can slow down and inhibit tumor growth.



Doctors for Alzheimer’s treatment recommend CBD oil. It was found that CBD a cannabinoid helps to prevent inflammation in the brain and promotes the removal of toxic plaque.



If you think that smoking marijuana is not good for your lungs, evidence suggests that CBD oil can help you to deal with asthma. CBD acts as a bronchodilator that opens the airways of your lungs. Studies show that it is very effective in improving the symptoms of asthma.


Appetite Loss

One of the most well-known effects of CBD oil is boosting appetite. Munchies can be beneficial to patients suffering from some diseases. For instance, if you have AIDS and cancer, you can lack appetite. The increase in appetite from CBD oil will help you to maintain a healthy weight and sidestep discomfort.


Traumatic Brain Injury

Certain cannabinoids like CBD improve the outcomes in patients experiencing a traumatic brain injury. A study revealed that traumatic brain injury patients who use CBD oil have an increased survival rate than those who did not.


Spinal Cord Injury

Damage to the spinal cord can cause permanent life changes including loss of sensation and paralysis which are untreatable. Studies show that spinal cord injury victims that use CBD oil improved the outcome of the injury.



CBD oil is used to treat stroke. CBD has been shown to help reduce the severity of the condition and lessen its impact on your brain. The key reason is that CBD has neuroprotective properties.…