Benefits of Using Gmail for Faxing

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Sending and receiving faxes via Gmail is a lot easier, faster, and affordable. It also cuts on all the problems related to machines such as busy lines and papers jamming. From the environmental perspective, reduced number of papers used means fewer trees will be cut. Embracing this social and technological change can improve the productivity of your business and result in higher profits.

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The features offered by Gmail faxing also make it a great option for personal correspondence. All you will need is a Gmail account and a virtual fax number from an email fax service.

File Conversion

Using Gmail for faxing provides the ability to automatically convert a variety of file types to a fax image format, which ensures compatibility with the various types of fax machines available. It also allows conversion of the files with fax image format to PDF format, which makes it easier to read or print from a desktop or smartphone. The conversion process is quite fast, taking just a few seconds depending on file size.

Document Clarity and Quality

The faxing services of Gmail make it possible to receive documents that have perfect clarity and high quality. This is because there is no need for scanning documents, which is what usually results in loss of quality and clarity. You send documents directly from a computer. This can come in quite handy when, for example, you need to retain the color accuracy of images.


Gmail faxing services makes faxing quite portable. This is because you can now send a fax from your smart device as long as you have an internet connection. You also receive instant notifications regarding any fax that you send or receive. The entire process is thus easier and more convenient, saving you a lot of time. It also saves you some money given that the service is free.

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Another benefit of using Gmail for faxing is that you get your virtual fax number. You can create the virtual fax number using toll-free numbers, your local number, or the fax number that you are currently using. This makes faxing a significant overhaul, which can significantly benefit your business.


With Gmail faxing, you do not have to worry about any repair or maintenance of fax machine as it is not needed. Reliability is also increased as there are no issues to do with breakdowns.…

Top Reasons you Should Switch to Online Fax

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Faxing may seem to be outdated technology. However, it is used by a lot of business particularly in legal, government, and healthcare sectors. Thus, a lot of organizations and businesses rely on faxing for sharing documents and carrying out various business functions.

Virtual fax is a modern technology that helps you to upload electronic documents, transfer them, and print them securely. In this case, incoming faxes are received as attachments to the chosen email address. The following are some important benefits of using an online fax service.

Few Resources Needed

online fax requires few resourcesWith virtual fax, you do not need a fax machine that can take up a lot of your office space. Moreover, you do not need paper or ink to buy. Also, you will not need equipment maintenance and repairs. Unlike the traditional fax, you will not have to pay for a dedicated fax line.

Location Flexibility

When you use online fax, you can send and receive faxes from any location across the world as long as you have an internet connection. Thus, if you work from home or you are on a business trip, you can get instant access to important documents, which ought to be faxed immediately. This is the same case when it comes to sending faxes. You need to upload electronic documents to your online fax.


When you have a virtual fax, it means you do not have to wait for the office fax machine to send or print. In fact, all your incoming faxes are received in the email inbox, and the outgoing can be uploaded with just a click of the mouse. Also, you can easily send faxes to several fax numbers at any time. Also, the incoming faxes can be forwarded to several people in your email list.

Going Green

go green with online faxingYou should note that traditional fax machines are designed to print every incoming fax automatically. It does not matter whether it is spam. This results in a lot of wastage. Studies show that fax machines consume billions of papers every year. The good thing about Google Online Fax is that you get incoming faxes directly to your email. Therefore, you should print documents when you only need them in physical copies.


Online fax is more secure as compared to traditional fax. This is because documents that contain sensitive information cannot sit out in the open. All files are encrypted.…