The Procedure for Sending and Receiving a Fax Online


Faxing is a common procedure used in sending official documents. It has been in use in most offices for a long time now. Advancements in technology have helped to improve how we fax. Everything can now be done online using your smartphone or any other internet access device. This has brought about an increased level of convenience among many.

faxingYou don’t have to be at the office next to a fax machine to send or receive important documents. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere you need with the aid of your device. Online faxing also allows you to send or receive a couple of acceptable file formats. Some of the files accepted include PDF, DOCs, JPGs, and DocX.

To fax a PDF online, you can find out more at An email address is required to send faxes online. You also need a fax service provider whose main task is to translate the sent file into a format that can be easily read by a machine. Getting a good and reliable fax service provider is essential for the process. The process of sending and receiving faxes online is not as complicated as many people think. Here is how to go about it.

Sending a Fax

The first thing you have to do is to ensure you have an email account which is required for the procedure. It’s all good if you have an existing email address. You should proceed to the next process where you are supposed to open your email account and compose a new mail. Here, you will input the recipient’s fax number and email address. You should then attach the documents you will be sending to that mail before clicking send. Your online fax service provider will receive the fax before converting it into a binary format and send it to the recipient.

Receiving a Fax

Just like sending, this is a simple procedure withfaxing several steps you have to follow. The sender will send a fax through a phone line with the aid of a conventional fax machine. Your fax service provider then receives the sent fax through its virtual servers before converting it into a digital format and creating an email attachment. The mail will be sent to your inbox by your fax service provider. It is that simple to send or receive a fax online.…