How to Clean Up and Optimize Your Mac


If your Mac runs a little bit slow, there are various things that you can do to speed up your operating system. Keeping your Mac in proper working is the key to receiving as much benefit as possible. It would help if you cleaned this guide to know how to clean up and optimize your Mac. Click here to know the right steps on how to clean your Mac. With these steps, it will be easy to have a better-performing Mac. The following are the steps you need to consider.

Update Your Software

One of the first steps to optimizing the inside of your Mac is to update your software. Make sure that you install any patches, application updates, and security updates. It is essential to accept various updates from Apple to maintain the security of your computer. If you want to keep the security of your computer and receive other new enhancements and features, ensure that you accept the updates. Software updates streamline the application, and they are more efficient.

Tidy Up Your Startup

laptopThe next step is to tidy up your startup. In simpler terms, you need to check for various programs that automatically start when you turn on your computer. Once you detect some of these programs, make sure that you remove them from your startup menu.

If you want to find some of these applications that are opening automatically, click on the System Preferences and then Accounts and Users. After this, select the login tab. Ensure that you look through the items and remove all the things that you do not want to start automatically.

Clean the Unused Apps

The next step here is to clean the unused apps. Take your time to look at the desktop and get rid of the shortcuts of any documents and programs that you are not using. During this process, you can use the software update to remove all the unnecessary applications.

Optimize Your System

The next step here is to optimize your system. In other words, you need to clear up junk files, histories, and cache files. Make sure that you identify all the programs and files that are slowing down your system and wasting your space.


When you already know some of the files that are eating your free space, it will be easy to delete them from your Mac. Before removing some of these files, confirm that you are not using them first. In doing this, you will clean up and optimize your Mac.…